Take time to learn about badugi and its rules to gamble fantastically successfully later

There’s barely any reason to blame gamblers for not knowing about badugi. This game doesn’t prevail in the online casino sector but still there are great badugi Internet places for Indians to enjoy. Though the word “badugi” may nonplus some online casino goers, it’s easier to find one’s bearings in this game than it seems.


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To start with, in case of badugi we deal with a kind of draw poker presumably originating from South Korea. Surely, this guide’s reader may probably ask: “Should I really learn how to play badugi game if I haven’t even heard about it before? Is it really so popular and worth my time?” Well, it’s pointless to lie: mostly badugi can be played on India’s bigger gambling platforms rather than smaller ones. But that’s just due to the fact that Badugi has been accepted by the global gambling society only relatively recently. Despite that, Badugi is managing to win more and more popularity among online casino players all over the world. Cash games is India’s gambling sector where the game has become particularly popular. In fact, the relative unfamiliarity of players with Badugi makes it great in many aspects and gives the game some advantages over other kinds of poker:

  • this game can beсome a great refuge for players not willing to compete with too experienced players in other online poker games;
  • the strategy of how to play badugi is easy to master for beginners which is the keystone of this entertainment’s popularity;
  • very often online Badugi rooms offer really fat bonuses to attract more players to this a little bit less known game.

To get acknowledged with what Badugi is and how to play it, below are its rules and features. All the necessary information has already been gathered for you in this ultimate guide on playing badugi in India.

Rules applied while playing on badugi sites and winning requirements

Those used to playing classic poker but unfamiliar with the game under discussion are likely to feel unwilling to learn and get used to new rules and playing strategies. However, the badugi rules are really similar to those of draw poker in general. Here are some basic aspects of the rules of badugi:

  • each of the players gets a hand of 4 cards;
  • to win, making the lowest hand is required with aces having the lowest possible value;
  • to make the winning hand one draws cards during 3 rounds changing anywhere from zero to a 4 card hand;
  • players make their bets between each round unless everyone chooses making no wager called “to check”;
  • the final round ends with players discarding all the cards coinciding in suits/ranks. The badugi game rules claim that to become the winner it needs to have a hand of 4 unique cards that should also be of the lowest value. Such a combination always wins the pot.

Having read the rules of badugi set out above, some readers can still come to have doubts about it. They are likely to think that though learning how to play is easy with this badugi guide, winning is more difficult. Indeed, a Badugi hand of 4 cards is rarely achieved. More often it happens that your opponent has a hand of 3 cards with different suits and the lowest value. As a result, having a good 3 card combination will be enough for you to be the winner. Besides, there’s no need to worry that it will be next to impossible to find a good Badugi room on the Indian Internet. The game is popular enough in India for tournaments to be held in Badugi. Besides, Indian Badugi websites usually feature high-quality game software.

How to play badugi for beginners: strategies and pro tips

The global online poker community reacts differently to the existence of such a game as Badugi. “What is badugi game to you?” some draw poker player could be asked. And in reply one might hear that Badugi is probably somewhat phenomenal as a gambling entertainment. Nevertheless, the game has earned it right for existence thanks to its main features:

  • simplicity in playing it due to the usage of only 4 cards;
  • having resemblance to classic draw poker. This feature makes it easier to understand what the rules are and how to play badugi cards;
  • easily manageable winning requirements.

As it was already mentioned, a Badugi player will find the knowledge of traditional draw poker really useful. The difference between classic poker and Badugi lies in the system of hand ranking. Badugi’s one isn’t similar to that of traditional draw poker. As for the system of betting, classic poker and Badugi share the same one.

Though the process of playing Badugi was somewhat analyzed above, let’s add some more details about it to the present review. In a Badugi match, players go through 4 rounds of betting and 3 phases of drawing. Among other aspects necessary to learn for those willing to know how to play badugi are the best winning combinations. For instance, A-2-3-4 with no cards of the same suit is the Badugi best possible hand. In fact, this very hand is what they call a Badugi. This combination is capable of beating any 3 card hand, while a 3 card combination beats any 2 card one. On the whole, the top winning hand combinations can be listed in the following way:











There are no reasons for worrying about difficulties in mastering the rules. Many Badugi sites have a 24/7 live support chat where experts are always ready to provide you with all the necessary information.

How one bets on badugi poker sites plus frequently asked questions

Many online casino goers often ask about the process of betting while playing on badugi sites. In fact, the process of making bets is often similar to that in other online gambling entertainments. Betting should be carried out using the user interface of the poker room you are going to play in. Being a usual thing with India online casinos, first one has to place a small or big blind. It should be done before the beginning of a Badugi game. The process of making blinds resembles that of Hold’em games. According to the badugi game rules, after each player has been dealt 4 face-down cards, the players start to bet and then they can improve their hands by drawing or exchanging any of their cards. By the end of a match there can be a really rich pot sometimes giving the winner up to 25 000 INR.

Besides this aspect, there are some other questions the visitors of badugi sites tend to ask. We give you our FAQ on Badugi and things connected with it.

1. Are there any bonuses on gambling platforms specializing in Badugi? Sure, there are great bonuses in Badugi rooms. Some of them can reach the sum of 90000 INR.

2. Is badugi easier than classic poker? In a sense, yes. Unlike classic poker, this game is played with a hand of only 4 cards. Besides, winning in Badugi requires getting a combination of 4 cards with different suits and ranks.

3. Is it easy to find a good Badugi room in India? The game is getting more and more popular by the day. Many big badugi poker sites begin featuring great Badugi rooms powered by excellent software.

4. How quickly can I grasp the Badugi game? The rules of this game are usually understood really quickly. It’s even easier for those at least a little familiar with Razz and such like entertainments.

5. What are the Badugi opportunities of winning like? A combination of 4 cards can be difficult to get but to win it will be enough to have a good 3 card hand.

Conclusion on badugi, the game rules and how to play badugi right

Hopefully, the present badugi guide has proved useful for people in search of a game that is easy to grasp and win in. Let’s sum up the main aspects. Badugi can be classified as a kind of Draw poker. Not really popular a few years ago, this gambling entertainment can be found on many casino sites of India nowadays. It’s played with four cards and the main goal of it is to get a combination of 4 cards of different suits and ranks. One of the main things to do while trying to master Badugi is to learn the best winning combinations. Those combinations aren’t difficult to find and learn in the present guide on how to play badugi.

Also, in conclusion it can be said that to learn how to play badugi cards isn’t enough. Mastering the game takes a lot of practice so lots of Indian online casino sites are willing to welcome you with open arms.