fast-fold poker

Introduction to the best fast-fold poker sites review

Most players know fast-fold poker as Speed poker or Rush poker. This innovation was created in 2010 and became so popular in a very short period of time. Primarily, not all gambling sites recognize that poker site, but now it is all top-hot charts and ratings. It is also known as Zoom poker. What is the secret of its success? Every gambler likes fast folder poker because it allows you to change the table in no time after resigning. Moreover, you can play with different opponents. These conditions are very attractive for all poker players, that is why Zoom poker is extremely popular. It is a perfect way to gain profit and earn more money without time losing. All well-experienced players know that a lack of time is a primary problem in poker.


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Is the popularity of fast-fold poker justified and is it deserving to play? Read our review and learn all the needed info.


How to select the best fast-fold poker?

There are plenty of poker rooms in the gambling world and the key point here is to know how to choose the right ones. Through writing our review we followed a few steps which also recommend you to keep up. Therefore, to play best zoom poker rooms you should:

  1. Check the legibility of the poker site.
  2. Note the rating of the site.
  3. Take into consideration the limits and number of players.
  4. Mention which bonuses are given.
  5. Check the rake percentage.
  6. Check Rush & Cash traffic.
  7. Be ready to be patient, but speedy.

These points will make it easier for you to play advanced and be fully prepared for the poker game. Don’t forget that the set of rules differ from site to site. The regulations of Zoom poker are fixed.

How do fast-fold poker sites work?

If you are a fresh player in the poker world, you should know the technology by which fast-fold poker sites work. You won’t find some tricks and tips – it all will be in the next paragraphs, but you can read a full manual about Zoom pokers.

As we have already said, this type of poker is a time saver. Why? Because this format of poker allows you to fold your hand whenever you want and move away to another table at any time you want. Of course, it depends on the cards you have and on the amount of time you are ready to wait for AA or KK. Moreover, you can fold instantly.

At the very moment, you understand that it is time to change the table, you do so without any time losing. You will immediately appear at the other table with new cards and opponents. You are able to do it till the end of the session. After, money cashing out depends on the site conditions.

Poker fast fold table playing: Pros and Cons

We mentioned some good points in previous paragraphs, so it’s time to figure out the real benefits and drawbacks of fast-folder poker sites.


  • The amount of money you are gaining is far bigger than in regular tables.
  • Your opponents and you are in equal positions.
  • It is a perfect tool for newcomers to learn how to play poker without big losses.
  • Stakes raising is fast.
  • Easy to centre your attention on the table.


  • There is tough competition between players at the table.
  • Here you have chances to read your opponents. Prepared strategy in advance and only then enter the tables.
  • The dynamics at the tables are different.
  • You can’t select the table, it’s a random process.
  • Bear in mind all these points to play professionally.

Bonuses in online poker with real money fast-fold gambling.

Fast-fold poker bonuses are very similar to the bonuses offered in regular table poker. Promotions give you an opportunity to gain money for free, just because you’ve made a deposit or played instantly for a while. Let’s look at the bonus offers of the fast-fold poker:

  1. Welcome bonus. You are able to get 100% at your first deposit sum and use it while playing.
  2. Rakeback. The amount depends on the site, but this type of bonus implies that you receive the percentage of the money you have paid to the poker site. That’s why constant gamblers will always be in profit. Usually, players receive from 10 to 60% of the Rakeback bonus.
  3. Promotions. They vary from site to site, but poker sites usually give money – INR 36.500 -147.000. Also, some Weekly Race or Fastforward leaderboards promotions are provided.

There are three types of bonuses available when you play fast-fold poker, they can help you to win in the time when your own money is over. Don’t miss the chance to receive them.

Gambling regulation and licensing of fast-fold poker sites

The issue of poker sites licensing is always open and important. That is the first thing you should look at before starting gambling because regulations and licensing can save you from frauds and information leakage.

Usually, fast-fold poker sites hold their license with the Malta Gaming Authority. It is the single regulatory body that is responsible for the governance of all gaming activities in Malta including Amusement Machines, Broadcasting Media games, Casinos, Commercial Bingo Halls, Commercial Communication games, the National lottery, Non-Profit games and Remote Gaming. It is extremely important for you to play poker online with a fast-fold only after checking this licence.

Also, the best fast-fold poker sites are the members of the Internet Gaming Council. The organization was established to provide a forum for interested parties to address issues and advance common interests in the global gaming industry, to establish fair and responsible trade guidelines and practices that enhance consumer confidence in interactive gaming products and services. All your personal data and money will be under strong protection if you see these two regulations on the site.

What are the specific features of playing the best fast-fold poker sites?

There are some tips and tricks which we would like to share with you. They will help you to understand all specifics concerning fast-fold poker, so read and learn:

  • The best player is the aggressive player.
    It means you can feel free to play sharp and strong, using 7&6 or 5&5 cards, which can help you open up your hands in the game.
  • Don’t hesitate to bluff as much as you want.
    Although, do it smartly by paying attention to your opponents and the cards they hand.
  • It is better to play fast and change as many tables as possible.
    It will help you to build the pot and protect your equity. In online poker real money is in the fast fold, if you aren’t stoned.
  • Fold when you are going to give up
    The main feature of an advanced player is to leave the game when he understands he is losing. But write down your mistakes so that you don’t make them further.

Now you are fully armed with the specifics of gaining real money in poker fast fold.


1. Can I play fast-fold poker sites via Android or IOS?

Exactly. It is very convenient for mobile devices. In most cases, it is even faster than computers and deposits can transit better.

2. Can Indians play poker online with fast-fold?

All online poker types are available in India. Gaussian Networks Pvt. Ltd. has been regulating this issue for more than 10 years.

3. Why should I choose fast-fold poker sites?

There are plenty of benefits. Besides the fact you can put more hands in a shorter period of time than in regular table games, to play poker online with fast-fold you can be unprepared, it suits for fresh players. These two facts can help you to gain more player points and unlock bonuses faster.


Fast fold poker is a great experience for new players in the poker world. Also, it is a perfect time saver for gamblers as they spend no time switching between poker tables, it happens immediately. If you want to start playing advanced poker and gain real profit – all ways lead to fast fold poker sites.