Poker bonus in India and all over the world: intro to the topic

In this article, we are going to investigate poker bonuses in the gambling world. Poker sites generously reward their users with bonuses when they sign up and make deposits. It’s a regular and pleasant process, which every gambling player appreciates. A wide range of countries are allowed to use them including India. Depending on the site, you can get various bonus types and in different amounts. There are four sorts of poker bonuses, we will talk about them in the next paragraph. Sites are kind to the bonus rewarding as it’s a perfect way to attract more people. Everything is clear and both sides, you and poker sites, remain satisfied.


100% Bonus Up To ₹200,000

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120% up to 20,000₹ for the 1st deposit

Bongo Casino is a developing gambling site, licensed by Malta Gaming Authority, that offers a great variety of payment options and bonus promotions to its customers. Besides that, this casino is especially appealing as it has a simple, yet unique design, and is pretty easy to manage for the newcomers.


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GG Poker

Welcome bonus 100% up to 40’000 INR or 700 INR worth of tickets

GGPoker is one of the older players on the market, which is accommodated to poker players with any wallet or gaming preferences.


100% match up to 30’000 INR

Established in 2001, Pokerstars remains one of the top providers on the market with high-quality service and user protection.

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Unfree and free poker bonus options casino can offer you

As we have already said – there are four types of poker rewards. We are giving you a full list of bonuses so that you can freely move within the rich world of gambling bonus options. So, let’s look at the types you will exactly meet up with:

Welcome bonus

It’s a regular and quite wanted bonus option every gambler waits to receive. All you need is to sign up on the site and make the very first deposit. Usually, players are awarded bonuses by a specific percentage. Most poker sites set a 100% welcome bonus, although sometimes 50% or 70% happen too. If a free poker bonus casino evaluates in rupees, you are supposed to get an equal amount of money to your deposit sum, for example – you deposit INR 3500 and receive INR 3500 as a bonus. As a result, your total amount will be INR 7000 and your input contains half of it. But be careful, not all online casinos accept bonus withdrawal options. In most cases, they allow using bonuses only for gambling on the site.

No deposit bonus

This type is a free poker bonus casino offers you. You don’t need to deposit your money or make any other payments. All you need is to register on the site and after, a certain amount of money or free spins become available on your account. You definitely can use this sum for playing the best poker games.

Reload Bonus

Actually, this poker bonus is very similar to a welcome one. You should make a deposit, but don’t wait for a reward immediately after the first transaction. It is a specific feature of reload bonus – you can get it only after the second or the row of deposits. Below you can find out full “what-to-do” list:

  • Meet all deposit requirements
  • Deposit constantly for a while
  • Pick reload bonus you like the most
  • Grab it!

Also, it’s a common situation when casinos give equal bonuses to the amount deposited by gamblers.

Rakeback Bonus

If you are a frequent guest of sites with poker bonuses, India casinos and many others will award you with a very profitable Rakeback bonus. This type of bonus implies that you receive the percentage of the money you have paid to the poker site. That’s why constant gamblers will always be in profit.

Now, you are fully aware of the bonuses types that different poker sites can offer you.

Poker bonus types. Which one to choose?

Taking into consideration all bonuses types, we can give you some advice on how to choose the best site for you. But before it, you should understand that everything depends on the goal you set. We mean quick buck or not, a big sum of money or minimum also suits you.

If you want to gain money quickly, the best choices will be no deposit and welcome bonuses. They need nothing from you, the last one requires a minimum deposit and that’s it. Accordingly, your bonuses will be a drop in the ocean.

If you have a desire to receive a huge and noticeable bonus, you ought to be patient because a big reward needs big investments. Rakeback and reload bonuses are bigger than the previous two. The reason is that you wait for them longer and pay off more money in the casino.

To know clearly what poker bonus you may like the most, don’t be afraid to research different casino sites and check out the bonuses they offer. It’s the one and only way for players to understand which site is right.

Why do casinos give poker bonuses?

This hot-top question has bothered all fresh gambling players for decades. The first point we want to tell is that the poker bonus system is not a way to cheat on you. It’s a false belief among people.

Casinos don’t imply to give you money and then take back the biggest sum, NO! There are two main reasons why poker sites award you with “prizes”:

  • The first reason – casinos attract gamblers. Promotions, free spins, cash and rakes were created to bring users’ attention to the particular gambling site. Since it’s a business, executives turn to various reward systems to bring and keep players on the site;
  • The second reason concerns you, gambler. By giving different bonuses the casino wants you to play longer and more effectively even if you are broken. Bonuses may rescue you when your own money ends. Free poker bonus casinos can give you when table games are tough.

As you have already understood, casinos come up with different bonus types for good intentions. Money in poker is real as well as bonuses are.

Casino poker bonuses requirements

Everything can’t be so sweet and there are some rules which you should follow before withdrawing some money. Taking bonuses is certainly a pleasant process, however before you dive into the world of poker bonus India or any other country, remember that you must do and learn several things.

In general terms, you should play with bonus money a few times before the option “cash-out” opens for you. To unlock your bonuses we recommend you gaining as many points as you can. Bonus requirements tie with the points scheme of rewards. Let’s look over the list of “to-do” things:

  1. Sign up, play poker and gain points;
  2. Get bonuses, but don’t try to withdraw them. Keep playing poker;
  3. When the site see you gamble enough, the bonus sum will be immediately saved on your account;
  4. Use your rewards at your discretion: reuse in games or cash out, it’s up to you.

In addition, there are some special free poker bonuses in casinos offered. You can be lucky to catch the “Happy hour” or “Holiday” bonus and gain more points, mention it.


How can I know the number of points that I gained?

Usually, the site shows it on the cashier cab on the top of your account. Check out your points there.

What is the amount of welcome poker bonus in India?

That’s entirely up to the casino, although the average sum is INR 7.300 - equal to your deposit amount. In most cases, it accounts for 100% of your deposit.

Can players with backgrounds receive bonuses?

Yes, reload and Rakeback bonuses were created for not fresh gamblers.

Which types of bonuses poker sites usually offer?

There are four main bonus kinds - welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, reload bonus and Rakeback one. First two are immediate, the third and fourth require time.

Are sites with poker bonuses legal in India?

Yes, Indian gambling players can easily get and use any kind of poker bonuses presented.


Poker bonuses are a great opportunity not only for newcomers but for advanced gamblers too. The variety of bonuses is great and suits all kinds of players. Welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, reload and Rakeback bonuses won’t leave you with an empty account and give you a chance to play your favourite games. Everything for your enjoyable gambling!